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About Peta Cohen

Peta has 15 years of clinical experience successfully treating complex and chronic health issues and has been a Defeat Autism Now practitioner since 1998. While Peta’s innovative approach to healing serious health issues can be applied to help patients with any health condition, Peta has made helping Children with Special Needs and the complex adult patient a particular focus of her practice. Peta has amassed a considerable expertise in this area, developing highly effective proprietary protocols for these individuals and their families.

Peta practices a  Biomedical approach to healing based on the principals of Functional Medicine, developing individualized treatment plans that address the root causes of illness based on the unique biochemistry of each individual. Physicians often refer their most challenging cases to Peta when a traditional approach is unsuccessful.

A Few Words From Our Members

It has been a wonderful experience to partner with Peta in support of our 2-year old daughter! Her transformation has just been amazing as her communication and social skills rapidly improve. She now plays imaginatively and it is just a blessing to watch. Peta has not just helped our daughter but also improve the life of our family!

Dragana PetrovicMother of 2 Year Old- Wayne, NJ

I am so thankful to have met Peta. Before we became “Wellness Partners” I felt sluggish, was overweight, had trouble focusing and always had digestion issues. I’m happy to say that I’m now thirty-five pounds lighter and feel twenty years younger—it’s just amazing to live this way! I can honestly say that I have transformed my life! Thank you Peta!

Tone VuksanajCortland Manor, NY

I have known and partnered with Peta for many years, collaborated on many, many cases, and can say with the utmost sincerity that she is by far the most knowledgeable and intuitive functional medicine practitioner I have ever known.

Giuseppina FeingoldMD– Suffern, NY

Working with Peta has inspired me to live my life to the fullest. My transformation has been so remarkable with more energy, eliminating the chronic issues I was having as well as getting off several medications. Life is a blessing and now I can take advantage of it!

Mary WaldronWaldwick, NJ

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