Happy Easter: 3 Menu Tips for a Healthier Holiday!

Flowers are blooming, buds are opening – and stores have already been stocked with Easter candy for weeks. Even if you've managed so far to resist the temptation of chocolate eggs and bunnies, the big day itself might not be so easy. Big family get-togethers are a recipe for indulging – and for wishing later that you hadn't. But with a few simple changes to some traditional Easter recipes, you and your family can enjoy the holiday's favorites without any of the regret.

1. Make Your Own Chemical-Free Easter Eggs

Store-bought egg coloring often contains petroleum-based dyes. Ditch the synthetic stuff and color your eggs in the traditional way by boiling vinegar and water with fruits and vegetables you already have in your fridge. (This tutorial is a great place to start.) If you want to get even more artistic with your eggs, try your hand at pisanki, an Eastern European wax-resist technique, or onion-skin wrapping, which creates beautifully impressionistic patterns on the shell. And starting with free-range eggs means you'll be getting more nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids – and less saturated fat – once you finally peel and eat them.

2. Cook a Healthier Ham

If your ham glaze recipe calls for refined sugar, consider swapping it out with honey or maple syrup instead – a good rule of thumb is to use half as much honey or maple syrup as you would sugar. Or skip the sweeteners altogether and make a glaze with savory or hot flavorings, like cloves, ginger, or even sugar-free jalapeno jam.

3. Build a Better Easter Basket

Rather than gifting Easter baskets full of milk chocolate and jellybeans, choose healthier snacks that are just as tasty – think dark chocolate, dried fruit, nut bars, and tea and coffee. Fill out the basket with fresh flowers to make it just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds.

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