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Demystifying Dietary Supplements: Which Ones Should I Take, and Why?

The availability of dietary supplements has grown significantly over the past two decades, mostly because of the growing body of research that shows their contribution to health, healing, and vitality. Dietary supplements have long ago left the realm of "alternative medicine" and in fact are now being marketed and sold by pharmaceutical companies as a […]

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From Ragweed to Relief: How to Beat Early Fall Allergies

Itchy eyes, runny nose, frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, sinus pressure—these symptoms sound familiar to those of us who dread the coming of fall and the ragweed pollen that arrives along with it. Commonly referred to as "hay fever," these symptoms can start as early as mid-August and linger through September and October. Besides causing the […]

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Have a Healthy BBQ! Light, Delicious Alternatives to Summer Cookout Staples

For many of us, July 4th marks the beginning of the summer BBQ season and the opportunity to indulge in the flavors we associate with summer. Taking from the concepts I have introduced since spring, it is easy to approach the BBQ from a healthy perspective and not lose sight of our journey toward healing, […]

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Lighten Your Load: Balancing Meals for Better Health

In my work as a clinical nutritionist, I have developed a simple philosophy of food that has greatly helped my clients enjoy healthier, more balanced meals—without counting calories or having to remember complicated rules. I refer to this philosophy as "Lighten Your Load." "Lighten Your Load" focuses on the "density" and the "balance" of the […]

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Spring Cleanse: Part 2 of Our Journey to Healing, Health, and Vitality

(Part 2 of a 3-part series) As we move forward into the warmer months and continue the 3-month journey of healing, health, and vitality I outlined in my last post, the idea of a cleanse may be appealing to many of you. From The New York Times to many popular health magazines, the merits of […]

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Happy Easter: 3 Menu Tips for a Healthier Holiday!

Flowers are blooming, buds are opening – and stores have already been stocked with Easter candy for weeks. Even if you've managed so far to resist the temptation of chocolate eggs and bunnies, the big day itself might not be so easy. Big family get-togethers are a recipe for indulging – and for wishing later […]

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