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Fighting Flu with Food

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, stated, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates had a clear understanding of the power of food to preserve health and prevent illness. There is no nutritional supplementation that can fully equal the wellness powers of a healthy diet. Here’s a new statement to chew on: […]

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Baking Love in the Kitchen

This year on Valentine’s day, we got creative, skipped the token gifts, and created some heat in the kitchen with some delicious bite size indulgences. These recipes are not only sinful and delicious, but are appropriately “heart healthy” as we celebrate National Heart Month. Cupid eat your heart out….   Ti Amo Truffles   Ingredients […]

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January is Cervical Health Month—Time to Make Nutrition a Priority

As our journey into the new year begins full steam, amid resolutions, renewed energy, and determination, we are reminded that January is Cervical Health Month. We are bombarded with information about cervical cancer, screenings, tests, vaccines, and statistics—all important information. Yet, despite what we have learned from the media, the risk of cervical cancer goes […]

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How to Navigate Through Holiday Binging

(Posted on boomshop 12/21/15) We all love this holiday time of year — the decorations, the music, the social gatherings, the baking, the cooking, etc. The air is simply charged with a sense of contagious excitement. But, there is a flipside to all the fun… I’m talking about the wear and tear on our health. […]

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Nutrition Support for Breast Health

We can all agree that Breast Cancer Awareness Month pretty successfully lives up to its name. With ribbons, “walks of awareness,” and the ubiquitous pinkness all around us, it’s safe to say that our awareness gets raised during the month of October. Now that our eyes are open and our consciousness has been engaged, just […]

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Nature’s Most Potent Anti-inflammatory

Let’s drill down into one of the planet’s richest, most colorful, and aromatic spices that at once conjures images of rituals, mysticism, and cuisine. We’re talking about what was once called “Indian saffron” — the long revered spice of turmeric. While that may have been the description most commonly associated with this eastern spice, there […]

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