For over 25 years, Peta Cohen has been helping people transform their health and reach their fullest potential. She is passionate about getting to the root cause of what drives the body into a potentially destructive state of chronic inflammation and then getting people on a path to rebuild function and balance to live the life they deserve. Peta is a certified functional medicine practitioner and earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Biochemistry from New York University in 1997. Early on, after overcoming her own health challenges Peta recognized that the traditional health care system of simply treating symptoms and disease would never build health independence! So, in 1998, she and her husband Steve founded Total Life Center to focus on root cause resolution. Her passion for understanding the holistic nature of the human body and all its interconnected systems has helped thousands of individuals unlock their natural ability to heal and thrive.

Peta is sought out for her deep knowledge of nutrition and cellular chemistry and is well known for her support of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her research in the role biofilms play in stealth infections has been quoted and applied for many years. Peta has been a renowned speaker at functional medicine, autism and wellness conferences training physicians who only now are beginning to adopt a broader recognition of functional medicine.

You’ll typically find Peta developing recipes or gardening as food and nutrition has always been a central theme in her life. She loves to hike, bike and swim and is a strong proponent of meditation, reading and nurturing the soul.

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