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We are a team of functional medicine practitioners with one goal: To stop the endless cycle of simply treating or managing your symptoms used by conventional healthcare. Our goal is to help you unlock your health potential by determining what is the underlying, "root cause" of your chronic health challenges or inability to thrive. We use advanced diagnostic to test, not guess, at where your imbalances or dysfunction may reside. Then we guide, support and educate you to take control and restore the balance in your body's systems so that it can function and thrive.

Step One: Getting started is so simple!  Book your complimentary discovery call and we'll call you at the schedule time. In your call, we'll get to know your health concerns and goals to evaluate if a functional wellness evaluation is right for you.

Step Two: During your one-on-one evaluation, we will thorough review your situation, including your history, present conditions, and decide together if we can help you reach your goals. If we both feel confident about working together, we will develop a strategic plan and get you started that day.

"My life has transformed since doing the program!"

I was quite skeptical, but knew I needed to do something outside of traditional medicine.

I began last November and have never looked back. I'm not saying it was easy in the beginning. but the support and true science behind the new way of understanding what my body needed to be optimal was nothing less of a miracle! Arthritis gone, severe allergies gone, amazing energy and zest for life are a true gift. AND I lost 60 lbs!

I am so grateful to Peta. Steve has been a strong influence, also. I am proud of myself and my commitment to my health. This is a comfortable, new "lfestyle" to me that brings much joy into my life!

- Johanna Schiavo

"Total Life Center
gave me hope"

...At a time when I was not winning the battle with my health. They can help you too! Feeling crummy? Not yourself lately? Can't perform tasks as well as you previously did? Brain fog, stiff joints? Sound familiar? Yeah, me too! I have been on a healing journey for about 60 days and I am feeling amazing! Naturally, in a healthy way - with the right foods and natural supplements, not chemicals and addictive prescription medication. A balanced diet is the way to go! Learn how you can help yourself! Check it out - you will be very happy with the results. It's a totally comprehensive program with lots of flexibility! Anyone can do it! Feel your BEST! You're worth it!

- Elizabeth Byrne

"Peta is a
miracle worker"

I am a 59-year-old male and my wife and I went to Peta to ask for her help. I was on a statin for high cholesterol and consistently 15 tp 20 lbs overweight.  I was experiencing fatigue, muscle aches, mood swings, afternoon crashes, and consistently was trying to lose weight and "get healthier". We committed to her six-month program and it was the best decision I have ever made! We were both detoxified, I lost 20 lbs and have kept it off for a year plus. I eat healthy foods all of the time. The mood swings are gone. I am of ALL medications, my blood work is stellar. Most importantly I have a relationship with food that is healthy and I have never felt better. Peta is a miracle worker and is a brilliant practitioner of HEALTH. She led us step by step away from toxicity to balance and health. It is a commitment of time and money but what is your health worth to you? I can't recommend her highly enough. Just go,

- Gus Waite

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Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Our team is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to determine if our approach is right for you.

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